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Computer Solutions for Santa Cruz County and Del Norte County, CA

    Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Custom Databases, Commercial Software, Point of Sale, Networks, Wireless, VPNs, Web Maintenance, Domain Registrations, Email Servers, Antivirus, AntiSpyware, AntiSpam, Preventative Maintenance, and more!    

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Need Help?

You can submit a Help Desk request at our web site.  Just click on our Public Folder link, and click on the Help Request folder.  To add a new request, click on the Post Message button above (it looks like a piece of paper with a thumbtack through it).  Make sure and give us your email address in the From field so we can answer your questions.

Tech Check

Browser Info will tell us things like what your IP address is, what browser you are using, etc.

Tip of the Week:

By holding down the 'Windows Key' and pressing and releasing 'M' you can quickly minimize all open windows!

winlogokey.jpg (869 bytes)

Here's the screen from Windows Help on the Windows Logo Key:

winlogokeyhelp.jpg (54854 bytes)

For more tips and tricks, visit our Public Folder library!


Netopia - PPPoE

Netopia - PPTP

Netopia - SMTP Block

Linksys - WAP Extension

Email Distribution Groups With Postini Filtering

Netopia - PPTP Tunnel

Netopia - IPSec Tunnel

User Mailbox as Distribution List With Postini Filtering

Point Tech Tips